The problem: entrepreneurs with risk and investors looking to earn a return.

At Last Brick Capital we believe to create investing opportunities, we need to provide more than capital.  We offer entrepreneurs an option. As an engaged investor, our executive management team partners with the entrepreneur.

For a CEO, LBC investment offers access to unique talent and capital that is aligned with their vision.  By providing an execution strategy, the CEO can focus on the business. We have flexibility to structure a deal to benefit the business.


Our asset is people. Operators gain access to interesting and lucrative opportunities.  Entrepreneurs gain seasoned help and flexible capital.


Last Brick Capital provides customized capital investments from Bespoke Private Equity.

Bespoke Private Equity focuses on building and maintaining tailored portfolios that address future objectives for each capital partner. We design a basket of companies that is transparent, risk-adjusted, and accomplishes those individualized objectives.