We make sense of chaos and opportunities.

Building companies is hard.

At Last Brick Capital (LBC) we believe to create investing opportunities, we need to provide more than capital.  We offer entrepreneurs an option. It is our contention capital is not enough.   We bring in a type of skill honed after many years working in many companies and even working  different countries.  The skill as an operator.  

As an operator, we look at a company with two perspectives: inside and outside.  What does this mean?  Inside is the detail.  Outside is measured as the value of the company as an asset.

LBC offers access to unique talent and capital. We are not passive investors.  We co-create an execution strategy and partner when and where necessary. The CEO can focus on their strength, which at times is not the business of the business.  We first learn what is your strength and the organization's. It could be a mastery of a craft, building a product, a technique, or a way of providing a service to a niche.  Then we go about figuring out how to scale or blitz scale with the right people and right capital plan. Because we can integrate the capital and champion the plan together, it works better than only capital or consulting separately could accomplish.

The outcome?  It could re-imagined company with a new future.  It could be more finite in setting a situationi for the owners to accomplish a financial exit.  This may sound wide and it is because we are flexible.  The focus and common denominator: people, capital and a self sustaining business.

If you are an investor, here is what we can do for you....

Last Brick Capital provides customized capital investments. We focus on what makes a good investment a good investment, people. Risk profile, return of capital form, tax treatment holding time, and type of industry and stage of company maturity are the basic considerations we assess when designing a capital plan with our investors.  We only work with accredited investors because for regulatory reasons.  These investments will have risk, can be  illiquid and 

Bespoke Private Equity focuses on building and maintaining tailored portfolios that address future objectives for each capital partner. We design a basket of companies that is transparent, risk-adjusted, and accomplishes those individualized objectives.