At Last Brick Capital we are taking a unique approach to investing in which investors, proven business leaders, funded companies and even next generation participants can benefit in a unique manner. We believe that this paradigm of investing creates wealth sustainability and wealth creation opportunities that henceforth have not been available to the fund participants. Our clients are looking for direct investments to deploy capital in a safe and prudent manner. They recognize it is people who make the difference in the quality of a business or investment. 

Last Brick Capital is tailored towards affluent families and individuals. We specialize in sourcing deal flow and operating companies to suit the diverse interests of our investors.


At Last Brick Capital we believe that in order to leverage effective investing opportunities, we need to provide more than capital. Equipped with the necessary tools, we offer our invested companies an extensive service package to ensure success. As an engaged investor, our executive management team partners with the CEO and Board of Directors of our investor companies to ensure a smooth transition.

For a CEO, LBC investment offers access to unique talent that is aligned with their vision, making onboarding and exit seamless. By providing an execution strategy for the investee company, the CEO can focus on the main driver: the business. We have a tremendous amount of flexibility to structure a deal to benefit the acquired business and create an ease in transacting. Through our adoptive model, we have created an infrastructure for hyper growth in a sustainable fashion. At Last Brick Capital, creating value for all stakeholders is paramount. 


Our signature asset is the desire of our teams to find a fresh perspective to the investment methodology. By utilizing personal connections, we maintain a large stake in the success of any company we invest in. A company’s people are its foundation. Based on this premise, we have assembled a team of partners and investors that have an aligned vision as well as vast experience in the field. This highly energetic, transparent team has created a distinct experience at Last Brick Capital.



Last Brick Capital provides customized capital investments from Bespoke Private Equity, our investment arm.click here.  

Bespoke Private Equity focuses on building and maintaining tailored portfolios that address future objectives for each capital partner. We design a basket of companies that is transparent, risk-adjusted, and accomplishes those individualized objectives.