Our Team

Our management team is made up of seasoned leaders with diverse skill sets who are experienced in increasing profits and overall value of companies. Last Brick Capital will mix and match management team members to meet the specific value growth goals for each of the funds portfolio companies. By combining capital with well-orchestrated teams, we aim to reduce execution time and capital demands, thus maximizing efficiency. Investors can benefit from more predictable and more successful financial exits. 


Monjie Llorente, Principal

General Partner Bespoke Private Equity GP Inc. Monjie has worked in multiple roles wearing the hat of Founder and CEO in private family businesses.  He has worked within Canada, the USA and Asia in a broad spectrum of industries including: Technology, Software, professional services, Real Estate, software re-seller, and not-for-profit. A horizontal thinker, Monjie’s expertise is in both governance and management and a wealth of turnaround experiences. 

Over the years Monjie has developed an exceptional professional network. 

With his ability to establish a meaningful dialogue with leadership of prospective portfolio companies, Last Brick Capital has gained access to unique investment opportunities globally.