A convention defying private equity group, Last Brick Capital connects investors with impactful investments. We are a young fund comprised of innovators wanting to shake up the world through our investment thesis. We look for meaning in our investments, knowing that the alignment of meaning between our limited partners and investment companies produces results. We have created a community of Limited Partners and investment companies that focus on long-term well-being not just short-term transactions. 

We are premised on the notion that empowering businesses to be successful for all stakeholders creates financial and social success for all individuals involved. By providing capital and executive management, we can actively apply our resources to engage with individuals and create successful company environments.

A unique feature of Last Brick Capital's Fund is the core principle of embedding the investors next generation into the fund companies. Even in passive roles, this enables them to sharpen their operating skills within a variety of assets and business stages. The next generation receives access to real world experiences within our fund companies that will exponentially increase their awareness of strategies and operational expertise so that they can leverage their capital deployment opportunities in the future.  

Always see possibility in people.

Subscribe to the highest ethics.

Do the right thing, regardless.


“When we begin to put justness on par with profits, we get the most valuable thing in the world. We get back our humanity."

 - Paul Tudor Jones

"Hope is the belief we might get it done, and faith is the knowledge we will get it done."

- Tom Shadyac


Ordinary concept, extraordinary creation

- Unknown